The Art of Sucking Black Cock

It is not all about cock sucking. You have to slowly take his black cock into your mouth while you look him in the eyes. Make sure he can see the shaft of his cock glistening with your saliva. Gently lick and caress his scrotum taking care to lick the underside as well as the sensitive spot between his balls and anus. If he shifts and lifts his legs, do not be afraid. This is a sign that your bull wants to enjoy your tongue on his asshole. Do not be scared, you should be proud that he is giving you such an honor while you rim your black lover. If he grabs you by the back of the head and drives your tongue deeper into his asshole, this is an indicator of a job well done, and your black master will soon reward you with his seed.

My husband asked me why I never give him rim jobs. My reply… “Because you do not have a 9 & 1/2 inch black cock”

Christy Slut

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